KL ECO CITY - Architects
KL ECO CITY - Jerde Founded in 1977, the firm is a world-renowned architect and master planner for integrated mixed-use commercial & residential development. Some of its high profile projects throughout world major cities include Budapest, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Osaka, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Dubai and others.
KL ECO CITY - GDB Since its establishment in 1990, this dynamic consultancy has consistently created a portfolio of innovative, eye-opening yet effective designs that gave distinctive character to various residential, commercial and mixed-use developments
KL ECO CITY - BEP Professionalism and dedication to all assignments undertaken coupled with a continuous striving for the highest standard in design and project delivery, continue to be BEP's guiding philosophy. With a proven track record spanning some seventy-five years together with key Principals having inherited the high level of professionalism, BEP's portfolio of clientele continues to expand. Coupled with a large proportion of continuing clients, the firm ensures reliable and continuing service to all its clients.
KL ECO CITY - GRA GRA is a highly regarded firm that combines experience with continual reinvention. Established in 1980, its portfolio ranges from integrated townships to instituitional and government office complexes